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Molecular Profil of Rice Land Races from Madagascar and Togo

Biodiversity International Journal
SiƩ Moussa, Breeding and Physiology department, Africa Rice Center, Madagascar


Red pericarp on rice is one of the traits which interest the breeders and farmers in Madagascar. There is no genetic diversity study conducted on such rice varieties in Madagascar before. Understanding the genetic diversity in the available genotypes in the germplasm collection is very important for the crop improvement. The objectifs of this study are to assess the genetic diversity and relationship between rice accessions from Madagascar and those from AfricaRice genebank and to build a core collection of these accessions for conservation. 20 SSR markers were used to characterize 238 genotypes from FOFIFA and AfricaRice genebank and also famers preferred varieties. A total of 192 alleles were detected among the 238 genotypes. The number of alleles varied from 4 (RM21) to 20 (RM11 and RM164) with an average of 11.29 per locus. The mean PIC value per locus was 0.64 with maximum value of 0.81 recorded for SSR marker RM 001 and lowest value of 0.15 observed for SSR marker RM215. Heterozygosity varied from 0.01 (RM168 and RM 256) to 0.27 (RM205 and RM222) with the average of 0.12. The principal Coordinate plot showed two distinct clusters, African rice genotypes grouped in cluster I and Madagascar genotypes in cluster II. The cluster II is subdivised in three subgroups (A, B, C). The Analyse of Molecular VAriance revealed great variation among individuals (38%) and among population (47%) and low variation within individuals (15%). The core collection is reprenseted by 61 genotypes which 17 are from Africa.


Africarice, Agromorphological, Heterozygosity, Bioscience, Polymerase chain reaction, Genetic diversity, DNA extraction, Population