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Teacher Views of Headmasters Regarding to Fulfilling Management Functions of Human Resources

Open Access Journal of Science
Ça?da K?vanç Ça?ana?a, European University of Lefke, Turkey


The aim of this research is to determine and evaluate teacher views of headmasters regarding to fulfilling management functions of human resources. A conceptional frame is provided regarding to importance of human resources at educational institutions and for the definition of human resources primarily. In the research, sufficiency of headmasters regarding teacher views on fulfilling functions of human resources were discussed as: a) Management problems b) socio-economic problems c) what kind of management is indigenised by headmasters. In the research, a qualitative research was conducted which views of teachers are taken, semi-structured data collection model was used which is based on open-ended questions and views of experts were included. The environment of the research is the teachers who are on duty at a private school in the T.R.N.C. In the frame of the research, three questions which were prepared before was used and a way of research which is conducted as interview method was used. Presentment method was used at analyse of the data.  At the result of the research, carelessness about authoritarian problem, not being fair at the distribution of tasks, disobeying the hierarchic order, the situation that existing problems are not solving by share of information, the situation that headmaster is not insistent and participant without inspecting teachers, desire of headmaster to move on his or her own at the problems which are in school or which will occur, are among the problems at the human resources management. Within the lights of obtained data, it is seen that the motivation and performance of teachers are affected by verbal communication ways of headmasters and views of teachers against headmasters are at same topics and in this content, it is expected from headmasters to inspect teachers and perform roles like finance, budget and making decisions. It is seen that, differentiates will be created by headmasters on teachers in the content of conducting human resources management. The situation that headmaster are more prescient and researcher with the management of human resources and to function of human resources by evaluating the functions and management of human resources in content of creating better communication and management environment, will provide an insight to implementation and development of deficiencies due to the situation that this will be effective to divergences. It is seen that, motivation of teachers who work in the education institution is low due to high expectations and due to this situation there would be separation between teachers and there will be challenges at information transmission due to situation that teachers consider themselves as inadequate, originating from headmaster who cannot fulfil the functions of m human resources management completely while carrying out the research. In education, the management of human resources is difficult, individual importance is very important and the effectiveness and productivity of an educator is role of headmaster, however the educator who has self-trust should be in effort to manage the people with physical and emotional ways, should have a structure to put the motivation high and help to the success of teachers and should prevent the organization between educators. In education, to reach high success by getting rid of the standards and to pull out the education from the concept of need the situation that a common view with teachers should be provided, educator should direct himself or herself to aims so should collect sources for school, should provide a positive environment to the expectations of students and society, should go for aim by taking views from teachers at decision progress and there should be situation provided that headmasters take faster decisions and that headmasters have good communications with teachers with the aim of not interrupting the education. 


Human resources, School headmasters, Education, Modern headmasters, Education institutions, Human power, Laws, Environmental elements, Emotions, work in an organisation