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Geospatial analysis of land cover change and urban sprawl trend in Akure region, Nigeria

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal
Owoeye JO, The Federal University of Technology


This study investigates the trend of urban sprawl and land cover change in Akure region between 1985 and 2014 using RS and GIS techniques with the view of examining the direction of the continuous expansion of the city. The pattern of land use change in the study area was determined using aerial imagery overlay function. Imageries obtained for the study were processed and classified, then overlaid to determine the pattern of changes in land use, direction and extent of expansion during the study period. Findings revealed that the city grows sporadically which had unprecedented effects on the pattern of land uses within the city and in the adjoining settlements. There were incompatible conversions in land uses and undue encroachment into green areas in the adjoining communities. In view of this, the study suggests effective zoning strategy to check the indiscriminate nature of urban expansion whose effects on land use are prominent in the study area. Adequate monitoring by the Development Control Department and other stakeholders in urban planning is equally suggested to mitigate the incompatible land use change in the area.


Geo-spatial; Urban sprawl; Land cover; Akure region; AIO; Mono centric