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Assuring Tayyib from a food safety perspective in Halal food sector: a conceptual framework

MOJ Food Processing & Technology
Syed Fazal Ur Raheema, Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, Pakistan
Marin Neio Demircib, Department of Food Engineering, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Pakistan


This paper puts forth how food safety and hygienic practices are a part of the Halal concept and should thus be adapted by the Halal food sector to achieve Halal and Tayyib assurance. It further puts forth the concept of Halal prerequisites, which were established through identifying food safety and hygiene requirements in Islamic Jurisprudence. To move toward more efficient Halal and Tayyib practices these should be demanded, implemented, maintained and controlled by the whole Halal food sector, instead of just relying on the existence of food safety certification. A conceptual framework was constructed depicting the Halal sector’s possible passive and potential active Halal and Tayyib food safety control practices. It will enable the sector to gain insight to issues in Halal certification, food safety position within it and reach an understanding of improvement measures. The paper also suggests recognising and incorporating the Halal prerequisites and other sector specific requirements as Halal Control Points (HCPs) to the Halal HACCP system.


tayyib, food safety, hygiene, halal, haraam, islamic jurisprudence, haccp, prps, complexities, cattle, omnivores, oesophagus, fish, Quran