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Perspective of healthcare professionals regarding quality, safety, efficacy and price of local vs. multinational manufactured anti-diabetic & anti-hypertensive brands in Pakistan

Pharmacy & Pharmacology International Journal
Madeeha Malik,1 Sabiha Khan,2 Azhar Hussain3
Professor/Director, Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hamdard University, Pakistan
Sabiha Khan, Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hamdard University, Pakistan
Azhar Hussain, Professor/Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University, Pakistan


Introduction: The economic benefits of the use of generic medicines cannot be denied, their use is essential to control healthcare spending especially in treatment of chronic diseases. 
Objective: The main objective of the study was to evaluate perceptions of prescribers, pharmacists, and nurses regarding quality, safety, efficacy and price of locally as well as multinational manufactured brands used for treatment of hypertension and type II diabetes in twin cities i.e. Islamabad (Federal Capital) and Rawalpindi (Twin City), Pakistan. 
Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional study design was used. A validated semi-structured questionnaire was distributed to a total sample of 814 healthcare professionals including physicians (n=293), pharmacists (n=346) and nurses (n=173) using convenience sampling technique. After data collection, data was cleaned, coded and analyzed statistically. 
Results: Nearly half of the physicians (46.4%, n=36) were of the view that most of the time low cost anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic brands are being prescribed in Pakistan. Less than half of the pharmacists (40.1%, n=139) were of the view that most of the time pharmaceutical sales representatives can serve as a source of information for quality, safety, efficacy and price of anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic brands. Most of the physicians (42.3%, n=124) agreed that patient compliance is comparatively one of the major reason for prescribing/ procurement of the locally manufactured anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic brands in routine practice. 
Conclusion: The results of the present study concluded that physicians and pharmacists positively supported the use of locally manufactured brands whereas majority of the nurses preferred brands manufactured by multinational companies for treatment of diabetes and hypertension.


generic drug, physician, nurse, pharmacists, prescribing and procuring, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, healthcare professionals, locally manufactured brands