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Tale of two cities and two continents

Sociology International Journal
Adriana Galvani
Department of Socio-Economic Sciences, University of Mediterranea, Italy


In this work, globalisation and immigration are discussed. One case is examined for its global value of impact of civilisations. Immigration from Africa is a daily concern for every citizen living around the Mediterranean Sea. Immigrants are distributed by governments in all big and small cities, but the inclusion process is too long to be visible, so contrasts and even hate between residents and refugees are diffused emotions. Refugees don’t work, they are maintained by EU, meanwhile citizens are affording an unending crisis with unemployment, decrease of revenues and, at the same time, increase of prices. The two cities are Ferrara in Italy and Lagos in Nigeria; the first one, the untroubled cultural UNESCO heritage, the second, the most dangerous city of the world.


globalisation, immigration, unemployment, political, economic, vanishing, sustainability, community, highlighted, features, characteristics, organizing, global turmoil, huge, freedom, burden, competitive, countries, immigrants