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Unusual cause of bilateral lower limb edema in a male with ADPKD

Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal
Anand Yuvaraj, Madhusudan Vijayan, Milly Mathew, Georgi Abraham


A 53 year old male presented with vague pain and worsening swelling of both lower limbs since one week. Venous doppler study of lower limbs unmasked DVT involving bilateral saphenofemoral, superficial popliteal and popliteal veins with a high total plasma homocysteine of 29.76umol/L(5.46-16.20umol/L. CT Venogram showed chronic thrombosis of the IVC and bilateral renal veins with acute thrombosis in bilateral common iliac, external/internal iliac, bilateral common femoral and superficial femoral veins. Colonoscopy showed multiple colonic diverticulae. 2-D ECHO showed myxomatous AML suggestive of mitral valve prolapse(MVP).


polycystic kidneys, deep vein thrombosis, homocysteine, colonic diverticulae, mitral valve prolapse