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FK-array response simulation parameters of the four glacial events in greenland derived from array transfer functions by gpfksimulator (geopsy) software

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
M Toker,1 E Kozlovskaya2


In this study, we have analyzed the four glacial events (Mw∼5 and T>30s) recorded in Greenland and applied fk-array response simulation to German Regional Seismic Network (GRSN) using array transfer functions of surface waves (Rayleigh) and basic procedure of the array response by Gpfksimulator (GEOPSY) software. This study presents fk-array response results for Greenland updated through 2008. The main processing step used at Gpfksimulator is to attribute waveform patterns to estimate the slowness, azimuth and back-azimuth parameters and to perform event array process. This process analyzes and images the array response simulation to associate seismic phase arrivals to define the four glacial events. Finally, we list the array response simulation parameters of the four events and present array response images regarding the nature of the four glacial earthquakes with GRSN seismic network (GERMAN-GR and GEOFON-GE).


Gpfksimulator, Fk-array response, Array-processing techniques, Vertical-component seismograms, Global seismographic network, Earthquakes, Glacial event-detection, Greenland, German regional seismic network, Gräfenberg broadband array, Global applications, Back-azimuth, Sensitivity, Digital conversion, Aliasing effects, Wavenumber domain