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Obesity and reproduction: a review article

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Quintana Ramiro Hector, Quintana Tomas Manuel, Viale Luz


Obesity is a worldwide health problem related to many reproductive health issues. It can impair ovarian function, affecting the correct maturation of the oocyte, normal fertilization and embryo quality. Obesity can also affect cellular metabolism by damaging mitochondria. Implantation and endometrial receptivity may be diminished, according to some studies. Correct placentation is affected too, once pregnant, obese women are at a higher risk of obstetric complications. Obstetricians and gynecologists should be aware of the impact of obesity to properly asses their patients. Further studies should focus on a better comprehension of the mechanisms involved in the adverse effects of obesity on reproduction to develop targeted therapies.


Obesity, Reproduction, Body mass index, Obese population, Obstetric complications, Maternal mortality, Asiatic adults, Hispanic adults, Ovary, Embryo quality, Endometrial receptivity, Implantation, Nutrition, Ovarian dysfunction, Fertilization