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Load-specific fiber reinforcements for aerospace applications made of inorganic fibers

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Marielies Becker,1 Frank Ficker,1,2 Daniela Schön1


To reinforce high temperature materials, used in aerospace applications, ceramic fibers are the right material for a number of applications. To save weight, without losing performance, load-related fiber preforms with a near-net shape are suitable enhancement components. To produce this kind of customized preform, the brittle fiber material needs to be processed in a demanding textile process, which entails the risk of fiber damage. The article shows the influencing factors on fiber damage in a textile production process using inorganic brittle fiber materials through the example of weaving technology. The correlation between deflection angle, tensile stress and the choice of a suitable pattern is discussed with the aid of examples.


ceramic fibers, reinforcement structures, composite materials, near-net shape, textile, load-specific