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Anti-genotoxic and anti-inflammatory effects of ethanol extract of stoechospermum marginatum (c. agardh) kutzing in rat

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Arumugam P,1 ArunkumarK,2 Murugan M,3 MuruganK1

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Stoechospermum marginatum (C. Agardh) Kutzing is belongs to brown algae distributed from Indian Ocean to Australian ocean. It was obtained from the Gulf of Mannar near Mandapam coast (9º16´N,79º12´E) Tamilnadu. There was no novel scientific record as like in our present study so far. Therefore, in the present imperative pragmatic study revealed about the anti-genotoxic and anti-inflammatory activities of ethanol extract of S. marginatum in rats. For the anti genotoxicity, the reference genotoxin 4-NQO was adapted to induce genotoxic damage in terms of micronuclei in rat bone marrow cells via micronuclei assay scored using light microscopy. Acute inflammatory study was carried out by inducing paw edema through carrageenan injection in rat right hind paw. Subsequently, the chronic inflammation experiments were also carried out by stimulating granulomatous tissue mass around the cotton pellets implanted subcutaneously in the dorsal region of the rats. The pragmatic results showed that 4-NQO enhanced the MnPCEs frequency about 67±5.79 which was 4.5 fold higher than that of the control value, 15.0±2.23 MnPCEs/2500PCEs. Ethanol extract of S. marginatum alone treated group did not shown any changes in the frequency of MnPCEs (16.0±1.58, P>0.05). However, pretreatment with ethanol extract of S. marginatum plus 4-NQO treated groups were observed to be significantly reduced the frequency of MnPCEs ranging from about 12 to 73%. Similarly, paw volume in the control group was observed to be enhanced about 0.42±0.08 to 0.52±0.08 at time interval of 1-8hrs. Standard drug of diclofenac and ethanol extract of S. marginatum were also observed to be decrease the paw volume significantly based on the dose with time interval. Therefore, this imperative study concluded that the anti genotoxic and anti-inflammatory activities of ethanol extract of S. marginatum were significantly exhibited dose dependent effects as equally as standard drug of diclofenac.


stoechospermum marginatum, ethanol extract, 4-NQO, anti-genotoxicity, anti-inflammatory, normochromatic, dichloromethane fractions, polyketides, glycerols, cyclic peptide, phenolic compounds, polysaccharides, peroxidase, phenyl alanine lyase, lyophilizer