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Effect of citric acid on freshness preservation in cut sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.)

Horticulture International Journal
Sun Taoze, Cheng Sisi, Wu Weijia, Mu Hongna

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Cut sunflower possess potential market economic value, its preservation need resolve urgently. In our experiment, three citric acid concentration gradient (50, 100, 150mg·L-1) had been set, and sunflower‘Big flower’was employed as material. The experimental results show that: treatment A (50 mg·L-1 citric acid) was the best preservative in this experiment, the effect of high concentration (150 mg·L-1) was the same as control (no citric acid addition). The preservation effect of concentration (100mg·L-1) was better than treatment C and control, but not so good as treatment A. Our result both provide an economical and effective preservative for consumers, and reduce the preservative cost.


Helianthus annuus, citric acid, freshness preservation, cut flowers, ligulate petals, ornamental value, physiological state, potential balance, microorganisms, ingredient and dosage, petal color, blight, flower curvature, stalk decay