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Geoconservation of underground ecosystems in Santander (Colombia) from geotourism and geoeducation strategies

International Journal of Hydrology
Diego Zafra-Otero,1Jorge Enrique Gélvez-Chaparro,1Daniel Sebastián Barajas-Rangel,1 Carlos Alberto Ríos-Reyes,1Oscar Mauricio Castellanos-Alarcón2


Colombia is characterized by presenting numerous resources in underground ecosystems, which are sensitive sites with special features within karstic landscapes. Santander is located in the central northern part of Colombia and contains not extensive explored extensive network of underground systems associated with highly fossiliferous carbonate rocks of the Cretaceous Rosablanca Formation, which is characterized by a very rich geodiversity exokarst and endokarst geoforms and biodiversity. Unfortunately, there is no environmental awareness in the community or action plans oriented to conservation and use of these underground systems.


karst, Santander, natural heritage, ecosystems, geoconservation