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Ethical implications of emotional and psychologic ties on human-robot interaction (HRI)-mediated learning

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Edgar Giovanni Rodriguez Cuberos


This mini-script describes the need to expand knowledge in this regard and improve the potential of future applications derived from the use of humanoids as educational assistants with children. Understanding the importance of highlighting the ethic reflection in this disciplinary field, The text seeks to strengthen and encourage other researchers to join in the construction of an international research program that contributes to the ethical challenges involved in the development of HRI To this end, an updated reflection on post humanities, philosophy of science and technology among other trans disciplinary topics is made to propose an ethical framework in these practices and scientific advances of robotics.


ethics and robotics, human-robot interaction (HRI), post humanities, humanoids, criticism, investigations, isolation, dehumanization, emotional, interdisciplinary, artificial, intelligence, humanoid, characteristics, anthropological