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Health and wellness in III John 2 and its implications for the Yoruba

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Health and wellness is thing of pride and a priceless possession among the people from the biblical era even to the present dispensation and age. No wonder in III John that the beloved disciple wrote that it is his desire (and God’s) that believer should be in health and prosper; while addressing Gaius one of the leaders in the early era of the Church. What does being in health connote in that milieu and in the present among the Yoruba? What is the exact meaning and interpretation of John’s statement in his epistle? The aim of this material is to view side by side by comparison whether the statement to be in health and prosper has same meaning in both dispensations among the people concerned. Thus, this research uses both comparative and exegetical methods to arrive at its conclusion. It is observed that both dispensations cherish health and wellness and it is to be pride on than wealth. It is recommended that each individual has a part to play in staying healthy as well as the society which they live in as there is a multi-causal approach to health and wellness.


health, healing, III John, Yoruba, Nigeria, implication, old testament, new testament