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Hydrospheric nature of global catastrophes


With the advent of the XXI century, interest in catastrophism increases in the science. From the catastrophic view more productive to interpret the events of the geological past. The article tries to revive the traditions of neptunizm seemingly finally defeated in the fight against plutonism. The author considers manifestations of giant hydrosphere catastrophes in the later history of the Earth. The attempt is being made to calculate the power of the former megawaves by destructive effects of contemporary tsunami. that are consider as widespread traces of the ancient glacial ages. The formation of boulder-moraine layers and landforms, usually interpreted as evidence of ice ages, are well correlated with the action of megawaves. The giant ripple currents, moraine ridges, eskers and drumlins can form, for example, the tsunami that occurred under the influence of tectonic movements in the Arctic Ocean, or the impact of a celestial body in the ocean. The reinterpretation of their origin in line with the impact-catastrophic model can serve as a new, or rather «well-forgotten old» compass of not only practical, but also scientific and philosophical search. Accordingly, approaches and methods should be strengthened in the diagnosis of «ancient glacial» forms. The purpose of catastrophically fast burial places of a once flourishing life, processes of coalification, petrification and other of global extinctions we have being found in the preservation of oxygen in the atmosphere. Burial and isolation of such biomass allowed new life again to saturate the atmosphere with oxygen. The possibilities of the application of the target paradigm in the annex to the giant extinctions in Earth's history are examined. At last, all that concerns the fundamental genesis lies in the realm of science fiction, or even beyond. There also may be the cause and nature of global catastrophes. What is more important, science is needed for a wider diversification of views. This is the guarantee of its development and interest in it from the outside the public and young people.


hydrospheric disaster, megatsunami, global extinctions, ice ages