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Metanephric stromal tumor, a rare pediatric renal neoplasm in Iranian children

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Babak Abdolkarimi,1 Babak Khodadadi,2 Kamran Sabzyan3


Metanephric stromal tumor (MST) is a very rare pediatric renal mass most occurring during infancy and childhood. Because MST is extremely benign, the correct diagnosis of this tumor saves the patient from side effects of additional therapy. We report a case of MST in 3 years-old Iranian girl. To the best of our knowledge, this patient is the first case of MST reported in Iran. A renal ultrasound and a computed tomography scan were performed revealing a left renal mass. The patient underwent total nephrectomy. She had a recovery period without any complication. Specimen evaluation and immunohistochemistry demonstrated evidence of MST. The patient did not receive any post-operative antiangiogenic therapy with Bevacizumab until 1 year. She experienced an event-free survival.


metanephric stromal tumor, pediatric renal neoplasm, congenital mesoblastic nephroma, children, mesoblastic nephromas, metanephric adenoma, antigen, stromal tumor, cytokeratin, surgical excision, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, abdominal mass, left kidneys, calcifications