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Structural analysis of x-ray irradiated carbon nanostructures

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Anita Grozdanov,1 Perica Paunovic,1 Violeta Vasilevska-Nikodinovska,2 Aleksandar Dimitrov,1 Volodymyr Yukhymchuk,3 Igor Stojkovski,4 Zorica Arsova5


One of the new and promising applications of carbon nanostructures (CNs) are various dosimetry devices. Namely, these devices based on carbon nanostructures can provide the possibility for device miniaturization, lower costs and high scale manufacturing. So, very important factors for the device processing need a quantitative study of the effects of relatively lower doses of X-ray irradiation on the carbon nanostructures. In this study, we present the effects of relatively low doses of x-ray irradiation on the physical and chemical properties of three carbon based nanostructures (multiwall carbon nanotubes - MWCNTs, graphene - G, hybrid - G/MWCNTs). We have used a range of characterization techniques including scanning electron microscopy, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy, thermal and particle size analysis. Specifically, it was found that irradiation exposure results in a reduction in the sp2 nature of all three carbon based nanostructures. 


x-ray irradiation, carbon nanostructures, graphene, Raman, SEM