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Protocol on stratigraphic micro-samples from surface finishes obtained at historic-archaeological buenos aires walls for their conservation, technological & archaeometrical analysis

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This paper presents the trials to establish a protocol to perform and preserve the inclusion in acrylic resin of stratigraphic micro- samples from surface finishes obtained at historic-archaeological brick walls. The aim is to highlight the importance of samples conservation status, same as describing technological and archaeometrical studies of ceramic materials in the Historical Archeology. These stratigraphic micro-samples within acrylic resin could be further analyzed with optical and/or physical-chemical characterization techniques. The surface finishes of brick walls are generally made of various materials framed within a broad concept of ceramic materials, such as: clay, lime and various pigment mixtures, among the main ones. The technological and archaeometrical analysis based on the stratigraphic micro-samples allows the recording and characterizing relationships of strata formed by the progressive accumulation of the different layers of surface and environmental finishes. In addition, this analysis extends to the application techniques for micro-structural, morphological, physical and chemical characterization.


ceramic technology, archaeometry, ceramic materials, stratigraphic micro-samples, historical archeology, archeology of architecture