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Social support and psychological well-being among office employees of an MNC company in New Delhi

Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Khushboo Singh, Nehal Sindhu, Amita Puri, Brahmdeep Sindhu

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The effect of mental health issues in the working environment has genuine results for the person as well as for the efficiency of the endeavor. Employee performance, absenteeism, rates of illness, staff turnover and accidents are all affected by employees’ psychological well-being status. 42.5% of corporate workers in India experience the ill effects of depression [WHO]. The rate of depression and anxiety among corporate representatives has expanded by 45-50 percent in the vicinity of 2008 and 2015 (WHO). India represents about 18% of the total populace. The present paper explores the social support and well being as experienced by corporate workers. Their implications in today’s globalization scenario, work output, productivity, efficiency is elaborated upon in the backdrop of investments in human capital.


mental health, turnover, work output, work efficiency, social prosperity, social prosperity, stress, investigation, three dimension, social support, psychological well-being, measure frequency, self-information, adequacy