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The effect of natural sugar and sweeteners on normal and cancerous human fibroblasts

Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Kircher Eric,1 Lee Jeffrey,1 Wang He Choil,1 Tawil Bill1,2

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This  research  aims  at  throwing  light  on  applications  of  biological  rapid  assessment  tools  in  the  monitoring  of  environmental  quality  in  Runde  River  catchment  with  intensive commercial sugarcane production. Burdened with drudgery in wet laboratory techniques,, biological  sensors  (biosensors)  and  sensors  can  integrate  catchment  data  from  rapid assessment techniques to networks or Internet of Things (IoT). This research examines the techniques presented by biosensors and sensors and provides the checkboxes for sustained catchment monitoring. With available recent evidence from surveys it turns out the Runde River may not be polluted but this may reflect the time the survey was undertaken and suggestions made for routine checks.


HFF-1, human foreskin fibroblasts, stevioside, sucralose, sucrose, non- nutritive sweeteners