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Pesticides-induced carcinogenic & neurotoxic effect on human

Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal
Himanshu Yadav,1 Mahipal Singh Sankhla,2 Rajeev Kumar3


Human exposure to pesticides is a worldwide major health problem. In modern age, the uses  of  pesticides  on  crops  and  developed  most  dangerous  diseases  some  of  them  are  very  harmful.  Major  use  of  pesticides  on  crops  and  direct  exposure  to  them  gives  rise  to  neurotoxicity  and  also  causes  carcinogenic  effect  on  human  beings.  A  large  number  of research proved that pesticides have very harmful effects in both conditions whether chronic  or  direct  exposure.  In  this  review,  we  discussed  about  the  harmful  neurotoxic  and  carcinogenic  effects  of  pesticides  on  human  health.  Farmers  are  more  prone  to  neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity rather than consumers. But some strong pesticides like organophosphates and organochloro have powerful effects that resides in crops for too long and consumers intake them indirectly. Contact to these compounds during initial fetal growth can origin brain injury at doses much lesser than those affecting adult brain function. Hazards of these chemicals are so powerful that also causes damage to environment and through air human’s intake them.


pesticides, human, risk, health, hazardous, etc