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Leather of the tilapia, how healing in the treatment of burns

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Alexander Zahr Lordello,1 Amanda Guimaraes Camargo Bianco,1 Ariela Mosmann Ribas,1 Chayenne Gomes Bueno Arantes, Eduardo Severo Monteiro,1 Elenice Pedroso da Silva,2 Elissandra Nascimento da Costa,3 Eloisa Christini Beutler, Fabio setti Ximenes,1 Fernanda Waitman de Oliveira Silva,1 Francisco Deleon Oliveira dos Santos, Lays Alexandre Bezerra, Maicon Baudouin Mazzo,4 Matheus Zahr Geronimo1


The objective of this article is to analyze and investigate the extent of the use of tilapia skin in the treatment of burns, especially in the region of the hands. Burns are skin lesions due to a trauma of thermal origin, which may be severe or not, which may be beyond the skin, tendons,and bones. This treatment, inspired by the research of Brazilian doctors, This treatment, inspired by the research of Brazilian doctors of the federal university of the state of Ceara, located in the north of Brazil, have already been tested, and all the samples have been analyzed. To finally find the final result of analysis, noting that fish skin has a collagen very close to human skin and suitable for a treatment function but quick and pain-free for the patient who is receiving this treatment emerged in order to provide a better recovery of the patients visando the low costs, a process of healing more agile that diminishes the risk of contamination of the wound as well as to obtain better aesthetic results and the social welfare, since normally the one of the fish is discarded, it seeks to know better this form of treatment and the positive results that it can offer the patient. However, taking Paraguay as a base, it is noted that the treatment model would bring positive results for this research to be used, since a place where many people live with low income, and community, treatment with low cost, and with many benefits for who receives it. With regard to the method of approach of each degree of burn, research will be used to expose the physiology of human skin, thiopathology of different degrees of burns as well as the evaluation of each, in addition to preventive methods.


burns, treatment, cicatrization, methods, physiology, human skin, community, treatment, income, healing, patients, preventive methods, expose