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Use of the PCSK9 inhibitor, evolocumab, in patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia

MOJ Public Health
Sneha Srinivasan

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Evolocumab  is  a  monoclonal  immunoglobulin  G2  that  acts  against  human  proprotein  convertase    subtilisin/kexin    type    9    (PCK9)    used    against    Homozygous    familial    hypercholesterolemia    and    Heterozygous    familial    hypercholesterolemia    in    high    cardiovascular  disease  risk  patients  with  increased  level  of  triglycerides.  Evolocumab  is  administered subcutaneously 420mg every month and 140 mg twice a week in patients with HeFH as evaluated by RUTHERFORD and RUTHERFORD 2 trials. This paper reviews the six clinical trials of evolocumab that evaluated the efficacy of the drug for heterogenous familial hypercholesterolemia.


evolocumab, screening, cholesterol, reduction, triglyceride, receptor, mutations, dosing, schedules, discontinuation, randomized, placebo, adverse events, primary, efficacy, atorvastatin