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Characterization of hormonal changes in patients with dystrophic diseases of the vulva


The article contains a review of the literature and its own data on the dyshormonal aspect of the pathogenesis of scleroatrophic lichen and dystrophic diseases of the vulva (DDV) as a whole. The authors describe the age-related mechanisms of gradual reduction of the main sex hormones, as well as their influence on the skin structure of the female genitalia. Based on the results of our own research, conclusions were drawn about the unreliable difference in the decrease in the estradiol content in perimenopausal patients with DDV and without DDV. The authors also recorded a prevailing hypothyroidism pattern in patients with DDV, and a similar pattern in patients of perimenopausal age without DDV, which may be due to regional lack of iodine in the environment. The authors suggested that the background role of an imbalance of thyroid hormones in the genesis of the DDV. The necessity of an individual approach to determining the level of estradiol and thyroid hormones in patients with dystrophic diseases of the vulva is substantiated.


DDV, hormonal changes, natural moisturizing factor, hormone replacement therapy