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Striking examples of the steel uses in the civil construction of the city of São Paulo (Brazil)

MOJ Civil Engineering
Vanessa Meloni Massara


Background: The steel allowed the civil construction to gain in strength, lightness and in the larger dimension of the spans between supports. Whether as a component of reinforced concrete, as a metal structure, as a closure or frame, steel offers numerous advantages to construction allowing for bolder architectural projects, as its history in Brazil shows, like the examples of “Santa Efigênia” Viaduct, the “América” garage building, the São Paulo Art Museum (MASP) and the “Octavio Frias de Oliveira” cable-stayed bridge, using pre stressed cables, the endless uses for steel in construction has been perfected by its lightness, fast and precise assembly and the possibility of reuse in another local.


steel, civil construction, reinforced concrete, metallic structures, pre stressed concrete, garage building, lightness, fast, precise, complex materials, resistance, renovations, transvesine, spars, auxiliary bars, metallic