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Assessment of mechanical properties of compression socks using cut-strip method


The aim of this research was to analyze mechanical behavior of compression pressure using cut-strips at ankle portion. For mechanical characterization, cut-strip samples were analyzed for their interaction to constant rate of loading and un-loading, cyclic loading upto 20 cycles and dwell time effect (3 minute) on tensile decay suing tensile tester (Testometric M350-5CT). All of the results were statistically analyzed by Minitab software using simple linear regression analysis (p value<0.005) and co-relationship values.


Compression pressure (mmHg), Extension (mm), Cyclic loading and unloading Vs extension, Laplace’s law, Dwell time, Force-elongation curve, Socks, Hysteresis, Elasticity, Comfortability, Bending, Shearing, Grab test, Stretchability, Hemisphere