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Effects of electrical injury on musculoskeletal system: a case report

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
NS Dhaniwala,1 Swapnil Date,1 Mukund Naresh Dhaniwala2


Introduction: Electric injury of severe nature causing death is known as electrocution. Surviving patients may develop short term or long- term effects on various organs including gangrene, slow necrosis of tissues, neural and psychiatric problems.
Case report: A 27 years young male got electric injury accidently, leading to gangrene of left forearm & hand and multiple site slow progressive death of skin requiring below elbow amputation of left upper limb, repeated debridement and management by skin grafting and trans-positional flaps. He did not develop any systemic, neural or psychiatric abnormality.
Clinical message: Electric injury patients should be observed for slow development of soft tissue and muscle necrosis even if they don’t have any obvious problem on early examination.


accidental event, electrocution, not fatal, committing suicide, degree of injury, blackish in color, forearm, electric injury, musculoskeletal system, occupational hazard , JCB operator, oozing, interphalangeal joints, changing rapidly, cell membrane