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Acute urinary retention: analysis of 500 cases in the urology department of the Conakry teaching hospital in Guinea

Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal
Daouda Kanté,1 Thierno Mamadou Oury,Mamadou Diawo Bah,1 Alpha Boubacar Bah,Ricardo Gnami,1 Abdoulaye Bobo Diallo1


Objective: To evaluate the epidemiology and clinical aspects of Acute Urinary retention (AUR) and the current practice in its management in Guinea.

PatientsĀ  andĀ  methods: This is a retrospective study of 500 cases of AUR in a 3 years period from January 2015 to December 2017).

Results: AUR represented 69, 80% (n=500) of the total number of urological emergencies in our department in the study period. The mean age was 60, 6 year (Range 2 months to 95 years). The sex ratio was M.F was 26.72. The main etiologies of urinary retentions were prostatic tumors (68.53%) and urethral strictures (20.64%). Urethral catheterization was the most used bladder drainage method in emergency.

Conclusion: Urine retention is the most common urological emergency in our department. Prostatic tumors are the main etiology. Its emergency management is based on bladder drainage.


acute urine retention, emergency, prostate neoplasm, urethral stricture, bladder drainage