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Dynamic nature of heavy metal toxicity in water and sediments of Ayad River with climatic change

International Journal of Hydrology
Mahipal Singh Sankhla,1Rajeev Kumar,1 Amitabh Biswas2


Heavy metal toxicity is major concern in term of water pollution. Heavy metals, some of them are potentially toxic and are transferred to the surrounding environment through different pathways. In this study, we carried out examination of concentration of Lead, Chromium, Nickel in water and sediment from River Ayad in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Samples of water and sediment were collected from the five different sampling sites. Samples collected in duration of ninety three days from January to April with the gap of 10-15 days during climatic changes are most. On comparison of these heavy metals concentration, it was found that concentration of Pb, Cr, and Ni were higher than the permissible limits of WHO and it increases with rising temperature and reducing humidity. The samples collected from Site 5 had higher concentration among all sites of collection.


water pollution, toxicity, human health, water-borne disease