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Link of obesity and gallstones formation risk

Advances in Obesity, Weight Management & Control
Naseem Zahra,1 Hussain Kaisrani2


The  chances  of  gallstones  formation  in  humans  may  increase  due  to  obesity.  This  risk  is  particularly  high  in  those  persons  who  have  the  highest  body  mass  index.  It  is  direly  needed  to  check  on  different  factors  which  increase  weight  and  in  turn increases the risk of gallstones formation in gallbladder. This review entails the liaison between obesity and gallstones formation risk along with the factors causing obesity and  affecting  gallbladder  function.  Different  ways  to  control  obesity  and  gallstones formation are also being discussed.


obesity, gallstones, management, control, gallstones formation, body mass, health disease