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Two species of Phytopythium (Pythiaceae, Pythiales) new to China

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
Jia-Jia Chen,1,2 Hui Feng,1 Xiaobo Zheng1

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Two oomycetes, Phytopythium mercuriale and Pp. sindhum were found in southern China, and they are newly recorded in China. These two species were both isolated from roots of soybean. Pp. mercuriale is characterized by subglobose sporangia with conspicuous apical papillae, and occasionally forming oogonia. And Pp. sindhum is identified from other Phytopythium species by its globose to sub-globose sporangia with conspicuous apical papillae, large and smooth oogonia, monoclinous or diclinous antheridia, and plerotic or nearly plerotic and thick-walled oospores. Illustrations and descriptions of the two new records are provided based on the materials from China.


Cox1, ITS, Oomycota, Phytopythium mercuriale, Phytopythium sindhum