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Stress and burnout syndrome in health professionals


Introduction: Stress can lead to negative health consequences, like stress and burnout.

Objective:  this  study  analyses  the  overall  level  of  stress,  the  main  stressors  sources,  and  presence of Burnout syndrome.

Materials  and  methods:  cross-sectional  study,  with  professionals  of  a  family  health  strategy  of  Santa  Catarina,  Brazil,  using  the  instruments  Maslach  Burnout  Inventory  and  the Stress Questionnaire for Health Professionals.

Results:  38  professionals  participated,  data  show  that  34%  are  very  stressed,  61%  with  moderate  stress  and  5%  with  little  stress.  The  career  and  remuneration  were  the  most  relevant stressors, followed by dealing with customers. The favoritism and/or discrimination at work were considered by 84% professionals as the greater generating source of stress and pressure. Results revealed that 34.2% have burnout and 8% are with high stress.

Conclusion:  Considering  the  number  of  professionals  affected  by  stress  and  burnout,  emphasized  the  importance  of  the  implementation  of  preventive  activities  that  improve  the  well-being  at  work  and  reinforces  the  need  for  psychological  monitoring  to  those  professionals.


occupational stress, health professional, burnout syndrome, pain and death