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Interprofessional education: reflections on health training in Brazil

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Gilberto Tadeu Reis da Silva,1 Sylvia Helena Sousa da Silva Batista,2 Nildo Alves Batista,2 Rosana Maria de Oliveira Silva,1 Larissa Chaves Pedreira,1 Giselle Alves da Silva Teixeira,1 Cristiane Costa Reis da Silva,3 Claudia Geovanna da Silva Pires,1 Simone Coelho Amestoy,1 Wilton Nascimento Figueredo1


This is a reflective study intended to promote discussion about interprofessional health education aimed at providing comprehensive care, from the perspective of changes in professional practices. One of the priorities of the legislation underlying the Brazilian Unified Health System and the National Curriculum Guidelines for Health Education in Brazil is to indicate ways to enable professionals to transform health service practices, when necessary. Interprofessional collaboration has become an important tool for improving health care. Interprofessional Education can be considered as essentially capable of reducing the fragmentation of the health sector and influencing the collaborative practice among health professionals. Proposals that point to these perspectives can contribute to the formation of students, to bring the university closer to society and to improve the conditions of health services. However, it is still very fragmented and in the initial stages, far from the goal of comprehensive care. Therefore, teamwork and communication are still challenges that need to be confronted.


Interprofessional education, health professions, interprofessional relationships, interprofessional learning, teamwork, care, warmth, humanized embracement, knowledge, develop critical thinking, justify decision-making, population