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Clinico-therapeutic management of ketosis in cow-a field case

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Sandhya Morwal,1 Sunanda Sharma2

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This paper deals with a clinical case in a HF cow with signs of ketosis, along with owner history, clinical symptoms and laboratory findings. Milk, urine and blood sample were collected for proper diagnosis of disease. Detection of ketone bodies in urine with Rothera’s test  was  carried  out.  Therapeutic  regimen  was  administered  as  per  varied  physiological  conditions.  Such  medications  as  dextrose,  steroids,  vitamin  B  complex  parenterally  (all  injected),  along  with  oral  gluconeogenic  precursors  and  jaggery  were  administered.  The  case was treated successfully, with an excellent recovery.


cow, ketosis, rothera’s test, therapeutic management