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Quantum energy transfer through electric current conductor

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At  present  time  the  concept  of  an  electric  current  of  a  conductor  does  not  correspond  to  physical  essence  of  the  phenomenon.  It  is  considered  to  be,  that  the  electric  current on  a  conductor  is  transmitted  by  moving  electrons  that  is  by  material  particles.  But  the  matter motion at transmission of electric energy on a conductor has been never fixed. It is considered to be, that electron comes off one atom and passes to other atom. However the detach of electron from atom can occur only by ionization or an exposure, and in a conductor with  a  current  such  exposure  (even  the  instant)  does  not  leave  any  traces.  Transmission  of electric energy through a current conductor is accompanied by thermal energy output. However now the reasonable explanation of thermal energy output is absent. It is offered to present an electric current on the basis of the quantum theory as a transmission of energy by  matter  particles  without  matter  motion  and  without  ionization  and  also  to  explain  the  thermal energy output at electric current passing through conductor.


electric current, energy transfer, quantum model