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Aspects of interest related to antiemesis in haematological patients

Hematology & Transfusion International Journal
Maria Perfecta Fernandez Gonzalez,1Aurea Maria Gomez Marquez,1 Maria Pereiro Sanchez,2 Raquel Iglesias Varela,2 Jose Luis Sastre Moral,2 Carlos Ulibarrena Redondo2

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Few side effects of cancer treatment are more fearsome for patients than nausea and vomiting. Although both can result from surgery or radiation therapy, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) are potentially the most severe and the most distressing ones. Despite recent advances in the prevention of emesis induced by chemotherapy, its control remains to be insufficient in 20-25%.1 of patients, with the ensuing negative impact on their quality of life. In this small review, we intend to analyze some critical aspects related to the approach of antiemetic therapy in the clinical practice in haematological patients.


chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, prophylaxis, antiemetic, cyclophosphamide, emetogenic, cytotoxic agents, netupitant, malignancies, solid tumor, toxicity, cisplatin, carboplatin, palonosetron