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Stiff skin syndorme rock-hard skin a report case of two sisters

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Dua Cebeci,1 Seide Karasel,2 Sirin Yasar,Sema Aytekin,3 Sezen Bostan,3 Pembegul Gunes4

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Stiff skin (SS) syndrome is a scleroderma-like disease characterized by the absence of involvement of internal organs and muscles in infancy or early childhood, with hardness of the skin, localized hypertrichosis, and limitation of joint mobility.1 Involvement of the hip and thighs is prominent, and localized hyperpigmentation may also attend the affected areas.Non-cutaneous findings may be accompanied by “tiptoe-fingertip gait” walking , scoliosis, restrictive breathing difficulty and growth retardation. Familial manifestation shows a genetic transmission of it.2 We present two sister who initially were diagnosed clinical and histopathological characteristics of SSS.


scleroderma, scleroderma-likedisorder, stiff skin syndrome, painful muscle spasms, physical examination, physical examination, hypertrichosis, vascular hyperactivity, immune system, pathogenesis, dermal fibrosis, dermal fibrosis, nail capillary microscopy, exercise therapy