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Pressure injury associated with the use of TALA. Patient case study taken in an advance unit: evaluation, diagnosis and nursing interventions

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Adriana Fank,1 Caren Leticia de Souza Milani,1 Graziele jacob pimenta2


Introduction: In Brazil, for example, pressure injuries characterize a serious public health problem.

Objective: To identify and characterize the factors that influenced the appearance of pressure injury in a trauma victim patient due to a motorcycle crash hospitalized at the Vilhena Regional Hospital using immobilization by splint for immobilization.

Discussion: The study evidenced that the number of LPPs in the region of calcaneus is a high level, causing greater development in patients with intrinsic and intrinsic facts.

Conclusion: It is hoped that the results of this research may support the development of new studies, contribute to the safety and quality of care in institutions.


femur fracture, Immobilization scale, pressure injury, nursing, trauma, care practices, flictema, patient safety, investigation, pressure injuries, physical activity, sensitivity, nutritional factors, risk factors