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Effects of food intervention in adults with overweight or obesity

Advances in Obesity, Weight Management & Control
Ana Paula Moreira Carvalho Alves, Fabiana Duarte


Introduction: The prevalence of obesity and overweight in Portugal Has Been Increasing. Thus, it is essential to assess the nutrition consultation, promoting the effective intervention.

Objectives: To study the effect of dietary intervention on the evolution of body composition and the adoption of healthy eating habits in overweight or obese patients.

Methodology: This was a prospective study in a non-randomized sample of overweight or obese Patients of BOTH sexes who were monitored monthly for 3 months in the external consultations  of  nutrition  of  the  Portimão  Unit  –  Hospitalar  Universitário  center  of  the  
Algarve. The information regarding eating habits was through Obtained the 24-hour recalls. Bioimpedance Were used to evaluate body composition.

Results: The study included 38 Patients (22 women and 16 men), who had an average age of 57.8±12.7 years. There was a stasticall antropometric diference values in the nutritional before and after (p <0.01) .There was a statistically significant Increase in the number of daily meals (p <0.01) and the consumption of fruit and vegetables (p <0.05). The Increased physical activity and the number of daily meals, fruit and vegetable consumption and water intake were not Significantly Associated with the decrease in the percentage of fat mass.

Conclusions:  Targeted  dietary  intervention  was  essential  in  Promoting  healthy  eating  habits.


anthropometry, eating habits, dietary intervention, obesity,vegetables, diet quality