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Visualization of data on cash in Russia

Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal
Lebedev Alexey Viktorovich,1 Bochkov Alexander Petrovich2


The  article  proposes  to  use  the  average  per  capita  cash  income  of  the  population,  which  can  characterize  its  stability  over  time,  as  a  generalized  indicator  of  the  stability  and  development  of  the  social  system  (for  example,  the  Russian  Federation).  The  analysis  of  the  available  baseline  data  on  average  per  capita  monetary  incomes  of  the  population  of  Russia for 2012-2018 has been carried out, deficiencies in the formation of the initial data are noted. It is proposed to draw a conclusion about the stability of the social system on the basis of the Lorenz curve.


social system, Lorenz curve, ginny coefficient