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Awareness of sexual trafficking and associated factors among youth females in debre birhan town, north shewa, Ethiopia, 2017

MOJ Women's Health
Ayele Mamo Abebe,1 Fikir Alebachew Mengistu,1 Mesfin Wudu Kassaw,2 Mulugeta Mihrete Tefera2  

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Background: The International Labor Organization estimated that there are 4.5 million victims of forced sexual exploitation worldwide; 98% of whom are estimated to be women and girls due to low awareness of sexual trafficking. In recent years, there has been a great attention of sexual trafficking in Africa in general and the sub-Saharan African region in particular as a real challenge due to low awareness about it. Youth females are the most targeted group of sexual trafficking. This study was used to assess Awareness of sexual trafficking and associated factors among youth females in Debrebirhan town, North Shewa, Ethiopia, 2017.

Methods: Community based cross-sectional study was conducted. The participants in the study were selected using systematic random sampling techniques. A structured Amharic version questionnaire was used to collect data. Data were entered, cleaned and analyzed using SPSS 22. Logistic regression analysis was used to identify factors associated with sex trafficking awareness. The study findings were displayed by using texts, tables and figures.

Result: In this study, a total of 582 respondents were included. About 300(52%) of respondents reported that they had awareness about sexual trafficking. Mother’s education status (elementary& secondary)[AOR=2.068, 95%CI(1.079-3.963)] and[AOR=3.446, 95% CI(1.298-9.154)],parents’ occupation (Gov’tal employee)[AOR=2.2, 95%CI(1.02-4.747)],Youth females’ occupation(gov’tal work)[AOR=6.203, 95% CI(1.099-35.005)],having television at home [AOR=2.083, 95% CI(1.305-3.326)] and taking training on gender issues [AOR=3.887, 95% CI: (2.591-5.832)]were the possible independent risk factors for awareness of sexual trafficking.

Conclusion: In this study, sexual trafficking awareness was low among youth females. Mother education status, parents’ occupation, current jobs of participant, having television in home and have taking training on gender issues were significantly associated with awareness of sexual trafficking. Therefore, providing education about sexual trafficking will help to increase sexual trafficking awareness among youth females.


sexual trafficking, associated factor, youth female, harboring, deception, violence, poverty, unemployment, vulnerability, smuggled, pornography, exotic dancing, stripping, military prostitution, sexual tourism