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Foreign body: denture in oesophagus: a case report

Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research
Nitin arora, Daljeet Kaur, Urvashi Mishra, Radhika Bhateja

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Accidentally swallowed dentures are one of the most common foreign bodies of upper digestive tract in elderly people and it can lead to severe complications. Complications ranging from oesophageal rupture, mediastinitis, haemetemesis, and recurrent laryngeal nerve injury has been reported. Therefore, an early detection and an early intervention are important. We are reporting a case of accidentally swallowed denture. After the diagnosis of an impacted denture was made, upper GI Oesophagoscopy was done and it was removed in emergency OT. This case highlights the importance of an early treatment in order to avoid complications.


laryngeal, mediastinitis, diagnosis, foreign, denture, oesophagoscopy, dental, prosthesis, parenteral, dysphagia, prosthesis, neck radiograph, laryngoscopy