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Use of Triexta fabric in fashion garment as stain repellent fabric


Stain removing or dirt cleaning is a tedious job during activity of day to day garment washing. This dirt is held fast due to mixing of oil secreted from body. During washing it is very difficult to clean these parts and in due course these part turns yellow due to left over residue after washing. To solve this problem garment designers and textile technologists are working continuously till now. Users will get relieve during cleaning if the garment itself is clean friendly. A common popular technique has been adopted, by treating the fabric before pattern to be cut, with chemicals during functional finishing process. But this step creates a lot of difficulties during garment making process including high rise in cost due to an extra application. Garments are made only to focus about the aesthetic appeal of the dress and not to think there after use care. This may possible only for couture or avant grade item and not for in day to day life. Triexta is such a fibre having inherent property to repel soil and dirt adhere to it naturally during washing. Considering this property and its bio-friendly manufacturing process, using of Triexta fabric in the garment making as one of the raw materials in some strategic parts is done in our studies.


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