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Medico-legal methods to confirm the male sexual dysfunction in front of the Libyan courts

Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal
Fathi Mohamed Alatrash,1 Muftah Elgarba2


Erectile  Dysfunction  (ED)  is  a  social  problem  which  causes  trouble  to  the  couple.  The  woman litigates a lawsuit in front of the courts to be divorced from her husband. This work was done to design an accurate simple and applicable scheme for conclusive diagnosis of male erectile dysfunction.One hundred patients with ED collected from the Medico-legal center  of  Tripoli,  Zawia  and  Sabratha.  In  cooperation  with  Urology  center  clinic  as  out-patient. Andrology Dept. outpatients’ clinics of Tripoli hospitals their ages ranged from 22-60 years. These patients were evaluated by history, clinical examination and investigation (Intracavesnosal injection (ICI), Doppler for penile vasculature and Rigdiscan. The results revealed that from history 42 patients were suspected to have psychogenic ED, 38 patients had organic causes of ED and 20 patients of them the cause of ED was unknown. By ICI, 48 gave normal response (means psychogenic ED) and 52 of them gave subnormal response.

By Doppler for 52 cases 46 cases had organic and vascular causes of ED while, 6 cases still unknown.  By  Rigiscan  for  the  6  cases  3  of  them  were  psychogenic,  and  the  remaining  3  had organic causes of ED. The end results were 51 patients had psychogenic factor related to ED and 49 patients had organic factor relegated to ED. There was a significant relation between age and type of ED & a significant relation between special habit and organic ED. The psychegenic ED had a significant time course in relation to the organic ED as it had a sudden and acute onset as regard for its occurrence. So this study recommended that for conclusive diagnosis for the cases of ED, the present sheet should be applied. Also ICI and Doppler as methods for diagnosis of ED are still having important role in this aspect. The using of rigiscan is the best available and objective test.


erectile dysfunction, psychogenic causes, organic causes, rigiscan, doppler, Intra corporal injection