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Replacing failed composite resin veneers with ceramic veneers: a case report

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Recently, ceramic veneers have been considered as one of the treatment alternatives for patients with esthetic problems involving anterior teeth, due to their color stability and high resistance against abrasion, requiring minimal tooth preparation. The aim of this study is to report esthetic rehabilitation by replacing the composite resin veneers of the anterior teeth with ceramic veneers in a 40-year-old male patient, who visited the restorative dental clinic at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. After the clinical examination, the primary impressions were obtained for constructing the diagnostic models. Desired shade for the veneers was selected and previous composite resin veneer restorations were removed and the maxillary anterior teeth were prepared to receive ceramic veneers. Final impression was obtained and temporization was performed. A week later, temporary restorations were removed; subsequently, final cementation of the ceramic veneers was done. Ceramic veneers provide a superior alternative to composite resin veneers for esthetic modification of teeth. They are considered to be a successful treatment option that helps preserve the tooth structure while providing excellent aesthetic results and patient satisfaction.


ceramic veneers, dental esthetics, ceramic restoration, composite resin, esthetic rehabilitation, predictable, stable, maxillary anterior teeth, root canal treatment, stage, occlusion, margins