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Floristic composition and vegetation structure of Gatira George’s Forest Habru Woreda North Wollo, Ethiopia

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The study was conducted on Gatira Georges forest in, North Eastern Ethiopia to determine the floristic composition and vegetation structure. Systematic samplings of 9 (20 m × 20 m) plots were sampled along three line transects. In each main plots, nested plot (5 m x 5 m) and 2m×2m distributed were laid down to sample trees, shrubs and their seedlings and saplings. All plots were laid at a distance of 50 m along the transect lines. Community classification was performed using R-Free Statistical Software. Results showed that a total of 34 woody plant species representing 34 genera and 27 families were identified. The result of hierarchical cluster analysis of the forest revealed two communities identified 85.7% similarity The highest species diversity and evenness was 2.78 and 0.88 recorded in Juniperus procera -Calpurnia aureacommunity. The forest was dominated by lower diameter at breast height class and in the lower canopy indicating that it is in the stage of secondary development. Important value index ranges between 1.2 (0.42%) to 48.4(15.78%). Based on the results, nursery and plantation establishment, regeneration status and medicinal values of the forest and appropriate conservation measures for sustainable use of the forest resources are recommended.


diversity, plant community, gatira georges forest, important value index, sustainable use of forest