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A study of cultural changes in hofstede's long-term orientation in multiple countries

Open Access Journal of Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
Eric david cohen,1 Alessio Bessa Sarquis2

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Using Hofstede's theoretical framework to assess Long Term Orientation-from both the revised VSM08 questionnaire and the modified scale of Bearden et al.1 a survey was conducted in Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Turkey, through which 1452 valid answers were obtained. The results indicate that the surveyed countries no longer occupy the same relative positions that had been identified when conducting the first Hofstede study in 1980, as well as the most recent results using data from the World Value Survey (WVS). This paper discusses the possible implications for practitioners and academics in the field of International Business.


Hofstede's model, long-term orientation, cultural dimensions, theoretical framework, hofstede's dimensions,confucian dynamism,