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Trauma studies of children post world war II

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Due to the nature of war and the need to replace the soldiers in war zone and post-war compensation claims, Word War I was a striking point in the history of traumatology. However, most of the studies were done with adult survivors or veterans. Even though the first war produced an ample number of displaced and wounded people, widows’ and orphans, children and women did not receive any particular attention until World War II. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to investigate early studies involving children who are exposed to war and post war conflicts and hardships as well as natural disasters. Therefore, this mini review aimed at investigating the studies involving children’s trauma studies. This review aimed at providing information about natural disasters as well as man-made disasters and their effects on children. Early seminal articles are the focus of the paper. Classical works on children and trauma was was investigated and important points has been highlighted.


war and children, natural disaster and children, children’s traumatic reactions, psychological symptoms, immune system, resistance, threatening situation, sociological disaster research