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A review on swine flu infection and strategies for its treatment in future

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Prashant Kumar Dhakad, Mahaveer Singh

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H1N1 influenza infection is one of the most influential types of influenza viruses that enamored and surrenders almost all age gatherings of human populaces. This paper exhibits nitty-gritty data in regards to general mechanism of H1N1  infection,  the  impact  of  swine  flu in people, correlation of swine flu infection with liquor utilization, common cold, and noteworthiness of obesity. Pandemic spread in 2009, the pharmacological role of plant supplements in context of H1N1 and their uses and a metric study showing the ranking of supplements with the highest frequency of occurrence (F supplement) and ranking of supplement with highest probabilities of co-occurrence with H1N1 (P supplement) has been portrayed in the present review.


H1N1, influenza virus, swine flu, pandemic, f supplement, p supplement